I'm Hurting Today

I'm hurting today.
For so long I've held every moment in front of me like a lit match
And, me a moth, drawn
Focusing only on the pinpoint light
But tonight the fire went out and my world grew bright enough to see
but then my vision blurred with pain I have ignored.

I wasn't as strong as they said;
I was only numb.
Like coming in from a winter storm, when your fingers start to warm
And tingle and finally burn.
Brings tears to your eyes. Like mine.

I looked at photos of our life before
Our smiles, your hand in mine, our heads inclined towards each other.
Our simple acts of affection
Ripped to shreds by truth and confession and lies and crime.

My memories, once pure and sweet and faintly dreamlike,
Nightmares, now. Garish oversaturated saccarine.

I'm hurting today
Because my yesterdays are gone.


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